Guns, girls and cars By Mark Weisseg

I am not sure why she is licking the barrel of the pistol but I don't mind. In fact I have several pistols she can lick if she wants to. There is a web site devoted to guns, girls, and Mopar's, but whose that picky. Sex has been used to sell everything so why not pistols and cars. Go to a big indoor car show and you see the OEM's tastefully using girls to promote the cars. It's just eye candy and nobody gets hurt. As for the pistols, well that is a new one on me but I don't care. If it floats your boat then go for it. The allure obviously is sex and if it helps to sell shoes, cars, guns, pants or gloves it's no sweat off my butt. Interestingly we already know the booths are filled with hot women when we get to SEMA. They are used to draw attention to the product behind the booth. Does it work? Of course or they the vendors would not do it. One might be offended by the use of women to promote sex in order to get your attention. That's your right. But I can assure you it works. I have spoken to these young models at times at shows and most don't know a turbo from a manifold. Do you care? Do you think TEE VEE commercial actors really know and use the products they are representing? For the most part they as clueless. It's a job that pays and it beats flipping burgers. So, if you have the talent no matter what it is I guess you use it. In the real world looks last only a short time before the laws of gravity and age do you in. By then, a new younger crowd is there to take your place. Use it or lose it I guess

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