How to...... By Mark Weisseg

Winter is fast approaching for millions of us. I hear it every year. What am I going to do this winter? Well, instead of looking out the window and weeping all day I have a easy solution. Read. But read something of value. Not a lousy romance novel or your electric bill but something that will make you smarter.

I am going to read a book to hone my skills and I hope you do as well. This is for the Mopar fans this time but I promise equal time for GM and Ford.

CarTech has put out a book by Larry Shepard aptly named, " Mopar Small block engines". "How to build Max Performance". I am going to start tomorrow to get a jump on this and then provide you with a honest review of the book. CarTech puts out great materials for everyone. Whether you are a rookie learning the ropes, or a grizzled veteran like me that needs to hone there skills. This book is an easy read of 143 pages with pictures and descriptions. So, quit pretending you know everything and start learning again. I will get this book done soon and report back to all of you. I am excited to read this book as I have a Mopar among my collection. So, stay tuned please and I promise honesty and integrity in my review.

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