It can happen to you By Mark Weisseg

It sure can and does. The Internet is full of car fires and accidents. And of course Mustangs doing burnouts and loosing control. But, the fires are real and they are quick. Carry an extinguisher that is rated right for your car. Some of these cars went up in flames as the driver was helpless. I have my extinguishers in all but one car and will solve that This weekend. I saw it first hand if you recall an article about a month ago. A ford pickup truck pulled into the parking lot of a friends shop. I happen to be in the area and saw billowing black smoke. By the time I arrived the flames tore through the truck and made it a pile of nothing. I watched the owner and his son cry at there loss. And that was a 1999 Ford pick up truck. Now, imagine your classic car going up in flames and you need to stand by and watch until help shows up. Don't be a bystander. Have the tools needed to put the flame out. Remember, I was a witness and saw this first hand. It was awful. Gadzooks.

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