Mustang Haters Rejoice By Mark Weisseg

The news out today that the Mustang plant in Flat Rock Michigan is on hold for a week. Yes, Mustang sales have dipped recently just like the Camaro and Challenger. So, let's rejoice and be happy for bad news! That type of sentiment has always made me scratch my big head. Why do we as a people rejoice for bad news? Yes, workers go out and get unemployment, families and businesses suffer. So, let's be happy? This makes no sense to me. I know Mustang haters love this news but it makes no sense. Should we all be happy if the entire muscle car craze of late falters? Yes, that would be just great. Let's be happy for bad news for someone else. Please, be concerned as I am. Yes, it's a blip on the radar just like it was for GM, and Dodge. There is much going on in our country right now. A big election is weeks away and the south east part of our country is under water. So, let's rejoice that families have lost homes, parts of there families, jobs lost, and homes ruined. Well, if you want to be happy about Mustang sales taking a hit let's be happy for all things miserable. Maybe if we are all lucky a tornado will wipe out your house and where you work. Now that is a great reason to celebrate!

Now, let's get serious. We love our fast muscle cars and should care for one another. We should. I know we all try to help a fellow hobbyist if he needs help so why be happy when he is down? I want what you really want. A great economy , low fuel prices, great jobs and security for our homeland. I love driving my fast muscle cars. It provides me a sane way to enjoy a part of my life. I really want Hellcat sales as well as ZL 1 sales to be strong too. The muscle cars we buy today will be the fast muscle cars of the future. We care for them now and someday someone else will enjoy them. Just like we do now. Back in let's say 1968 the world was in turmoil for reasons you should know. But, did we know a 69 Z28 would be a superstar car in 2016? No, most of us did not give that a thought. Today we are a bit wiser. We know certain Fords, Mopar's, and GM cars are destined to be classics in the future. We should engage in habits that celebrate each car. Someday, maybe someday when you are long gone someone will be driving a 2016 fast muscle car that you once owned. Let's not be so short sighted and cruel to hope one car fails. We want all the cars today we consider muscle cars to be here long after we are gone. Look at one of my cars. It's not a fast muscle car but back in 1928 when the Ford dealer sold my car to its first owner you can bet that buyer did not think that it would be in good hands some 88 years later. Think big and hope all of our muscle cars are in good hands someday in the future.

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