New versus old again By Mark Weisseg

Jiminy Crickets this is an old argument now. Duh, should I buy an old Challenger restored or a new one? Asked a zillion times and you will get a zillion answers. But old wise owl here has a different twist on a old question. As I remember from SEMA two years ago there were several companies selling the old bodies and interiors but hanging them on the new rails. That is the answer for all of you that really want that 70 Challenger, Mustang, Camaro, Road Runner and so on. Buy a Hemi Road Runner today and there are a few issues. One is finding one in great shape. Two, buying one has gotten very expensive, three the creature comforts are not there. The answer are the companies that will make you a 70 RR with all the new bells and whistles. I have seen them and love them. Let me assure you of something critical. When I drive my 69 RR around town after about two hours I have had enough. The seats are not that good and the creature comforts are a AM radio and pull open vents for fresh air. But if I had a new 69 built by one of these reputable companies I would have that cool 69 look with all the updates that 2016 has. Seems like a perfect choice to meeeeeeeeeee

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