Pull it out now By Mark Weisseg

My friends and fellow cell mates I hope you know what this is. I do now for sure. This morning I took my 49 Chevy for a short drive to the bank and such. At a red light I popped open the glove box and this was my surprise. It's bigger than a baseball and it's all mine. Mine in the sense that it is part of my seat stuffing along with some tree leaves and pine needles. Yes, the mice are already building there home for the winter. I evicted them quickly and then went into winter mode myself. All the bait traps and gizmos I used last year are in full force now. I was going to do it after I returned from SEMA but this forced me into Def Con 5 mode. Yep, battle stations for everyone now. Those pesky meese built that new home in a matter of days. My seat has less stuffing but I am ready for war. All my vehicles go into dry storage in two weeks and then I will have traps, baits, and all other known devices to get them away from my stuff. I wrote this to remind all of you as well. The mice and other rodents can do a lot of damage to wiring and any other material they can chew through. Heads up and be warned my fellow car lovers.

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