Say Uncle By Mark Weisseg

When is enough - enough? I am not sure as it is a case by case basis. I picked this picture up today from the internet so I don't know the story. Gadzooks I wish I did. It looks like it sat for a while and then caught fire. So, the body clearly needs some work! It appears the body or shell can be resolved but everything else is game. Or better said the entire build other than the shell will start at zero. Some restorers like that. It gives them a blank slate and like any artist they can build it the way they see fit. That is a bit too far for my tastes. Like you I don't have a huge rebuild center and an endless supply of cash. But, I can tell you know matter what you are doing one thing leads to another. My Model A is a good example. It ran when I bought it. I thought a simple mechanical restoration and I am gone. Well, Craig decided to pull the oil pan and he found sludge from sitting 25 years. I get that. But now two bolts and the oil pump will come out. Lord knows what that will lead too. He's a bit of a picky guy because his name is all over this. I get that. Some guys are detail guys and some aren't. I am not a deep dive guy so I never would have gone this far, but he is. He wants to make sure that when I take it that everything is 100 percent on this 88 year old car. So, whatever your tastes are I assure you if you want the build correct prepare for a lot of unknowns. Even this simple old Model A has turned up some things we did not know. I was always told you needed an adjustable wrench, a screwdriver and a mallet and you can repair any Model A. Well, you need to add a special brake drum puller to that list. We had no idea you cannot just slide the drums off like some modern cars. Nope, you need a puller. And the list goes on so don't buy the notion that it's a simple car. Nothing is simple when you rebuild any car. You will get by if you have patience, money, and more patience.Zing!

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