Sludge anyone? By Mark Weisseg

This is the last update on my Model A for a while so pay attention. We decided to pull the oil pan as the car has been sitting twenty five years. For all you non math wizards that is a quarter of a century. Or, a long time. What was discovered on Sunday was about a quarter inch of sludge in the bottom of the pan. Now, that is not too bad I guess for sitting that long, but it still is sludge that eventually would have been cycled into the engine when it got hot. I have a picture of the crankshaft and bearings from down below and amazingly they look pristine. So, with scraper in hand the manual labor of a restoration begins. The pan was soaked in the parts cleaner fluid to loosen up the nasty stuff first. Then, the scraping began. Once all of it is as clean as a fresh fucked Robin in spring time will it go back together. Of course all new quality gaskets will be used. Also, a new distributor will go in and several other top side parts. All new gaskets up there just in case there was a leak. But, the engine has been run so little since I got it we figured all new gaskets is the way to go. We do not want leaking oil anywhere for obvious reasons. So, while taking some parts off I decided on a new cap and spark plugs as well as coil. I mentioned the distributor earlier along with a new gear at the base. I want good strong fuel and a good strong spark to fire that 40 horsepower. So, when we return from the SEMA trip it all goes back together and we will restart it again. This time we will let the engine with its new oil get hot so we can see how she will run at true temperatures. A few more wiring issues and then the road tests begin. Road worthiness is not just that the engine runs. We installed all new brakes. And, all new steering parts just like the last project. The car must be as safe as it was new. Everything must be tight and worthy for me to get behind the wheel. No short cuts or cheap ways out of this mechanical restoration. With new tires, brakes, steering parts and a engine that has been gone through correctly I will be happy to drive it and show it. This one is all about originality but the next one will be the street hot rod. One job at a time to stay focused and near budget. Once we get the car on the road and safely driving I will report back to all of you. In the meantime look for me at SEMA. I am the tall one.

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