Take me home By Mark Weisseg

Good Golly look at this picture. This Dodge truck is pulling a trailer with a mess of a car. However, I wish it were me pulling it home. Who cannot love an old Nova? This one looks tired but Jeepers what a find! What would you do with this car? I certainly know what I would do it. After all the mechanicals were done I would drop myself a 396 create engine in that little bugger. Yes sir I would make that old Nova come to life. Yes it would still be a drop top but that car is so lightweight it would be perfect. That 396 and a Muncie four speed has my name all over it. Yes it will take some work and money but think- when was the last time you saw a Convertible Nova?

This car would be red hot and road ready in a year or so. The big engine and light body are matched perfectly. I know some barn finds look like they are too far gone but generally if the frame is good, you are good to go. Yes you will need imagination on some of these projects but to save an old Nova like this is golden. They were simple cars to work on and parts are easy to find. You will break the mold at the shows for sure. Don't ever pass up on a find like this. Once done you will command eye balls all over this ride.

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