The King By Mark Weisseg

200 Wins, 712 Top Tens, 123 Poles

And life is still going strong as he gets near 80 years old. Everything that could have been written about this living hero has been done. I could not possibly add anything to the story. But, for a racer he has rubbed shoulders with other kings and queens as well as Presidents. Imagine a man from a very small town becoming known as the king. He and Elvis share similar stories. I have seen this man doing autographs for literally hours and never miss a beat. Of course his wife is gone now as his grandson but the King lives. If what want to see him go to a NASCAR race as he still owns a a team and tries to be at every race. He is in my radar for SEMA next month as very few of us rarely get a chance to meet a living legend. He has done it all and seen it all. Just look at the numbers above. It's unlikely that anyone will hit those numbers in today's racing. Back when Richard raced that was real racing. Today, it's so vanilla and boring. Just look at the ratings over the past few years. And now with Junior out until next year the ratings have really took a dive. We watched racing in the old days with Cale, Richard, Bobby, Donnie, Dale, Preston, Tiny, and so many more. Folks that was real racing. King Richard is alive and well and should be treated like a king because he is among a very few drivers alive that showed us racers how to race. God bless the King.

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