Vanguard does it again By Mark Weisseg

I was skimming through facebook and saw this 41 Willys. Stopped me cold. What an amazing car and someone just bought it. These cars are very hard to find and when you do locate one be prepared to pay for it. The upside is they are rare unlike Chevelles, Mustangs, Camaros, and so on. More than likely you might be the only person in your area that has one. They have a unique bad ass look to them. Vanguard I will bet sold this one fast. I have never heard anyone not say they think this front end is the coolest. Maybe a 40 Ford has the same cool factor but do a bit of research and you will see a 41 Willys is very hard to locate. And to add fuel to the fire when you locate one like this you better snap it up fast. Vanguard seems to have the top stuff so I recommend looking at there web site first or use the locater function. To me it seems they have a little of everything on hand. So if you really want to separate yourself from the run of the mill hot rods go for one of these. It's unique, a great investment and you will not regret your choice. Both car and dealer are winners in my book

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