Viva Las Vegas By Mark Weisseg


After watching and taping endless hours of the auction from Las Vegas I realized I should have been there. Yes, in two weeks I will be there at the SEMA event but I should have been there for the auction. I will go next year for sure. So many nice cars just like this one from Smokey Mountain Traders. I'll bet I saw a half dozen 55 and 56 Chevys like this one all at reasonable pricing. Now, I will be at Bareett in January so if you are watching on TEE VEE I will be the tall guy. There is. No better way to buy a car than at one of these auctions. We were at Mecum two weeks ago and saw every car up close, spoke with most of the owners and had the opportunity to buy at great prices. I held back because if you have been following me I am in the proc SS of buying a building to store my classics. Once I get the building deal done then it's back to buying want I desire. If you have not been to a TV auction they are all over the country now, it's within arms reach. You will meet great people and see amazing cars. So, get off your back side and go to an auction. You do not need to buy but you will want to.

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