What the heck.... By Mark Weisseg

Ok, now what do you do? This type of accident can happen to anyone of us. Do you cry first and then rebuild? Or, do you chuck it all and start a new project? I was told a pick up truck rear ended this Chevy. Clearly the fault of the truck but Gadzooks who cares at this point? We all would be heartbroken but as an adult you all know accidents happen. You could spend years and thousands of dollars of money only to have something like this happen. Yes, insurance will step in and make the pain lessen but it cannot replace the car the way you had it. It is one of life's ways of making you miserable for a period of time. It's how you regroup and rebuild. That process will take quite a long time and I doubt you will ever get over it. The lesson here is to be sure that you are insured for the right amount. You might say to the insurance company that you only drive it a few thousand miles a year. You tell them it gets stored for five months of the winter. So, they give you a discounted rate. Everyone's happy. Until this happens. Now is when you find out what you are made of and what your policy really is all about. Some of us learn the hard way on situations like this. Don't be no fool momma said.

I am one of those idiots that is over insured at home and with my cars. The last thing I want to do is pick up that there phone and have some fresh faced just out of college tell me I have policy D. D for dumb. Yes Mark you saved fifteen dollars a quarter but if you read line 97 chapter 33 sub chapter 14 you will see your situation is not covered. Rotsa Ruck.

Nope, I pay dearly and that is for the piece of mind that young Timmy cannot read that off to me. I am not telling you how to manage your insurance but my cars are like children to me except they don't talk back. So, this whole story is to get you to review your policies and be sure you are up to date. Some of us bought the coverage when James Taylor had hair. That was years ago and ten grand ago. Jeepers, be forewarned or you too will cringe at young Timmy's crackling voice.

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