White socks and sandals By Mark Weisseg

We all have seen them. The guy wearing the socks and sandals. It is common belief that if you are wearing sandals you are doing so to keep your feet cool. But yet we have the smart guys that think wearing socks is alright with sandals. Most people look and laugh at these kooks who somehow missed the fashion email.

But that brings me to the car ( finally) I would bet the same type of person that is goofy enough to wear sandals and socks would do this to a perfectly rebuildable Mopar. It's a shame someone went off the rails and thought this would be a good idea to hack up this car. Do they not ever watch a TV auction? Do they not see that Mopar's of this generation drag in the big bucks? I mean how could anyone think this is a good idea? Sure it's funny and everyone gets a good laugh- just like socks and sandals man. Please folks before you go and ruin a car that has the potential of reaping in big rewards think of what you are doing. If you really want a four wheel drive car lifted in the air maybe reach down to a Pinto or a Vega. But to hack up a Mopar I guess the sandals were too tight on your feet cutting off the blood supply to your ass. You see, I will bet you hear a popping noise once in a while. It's not from the car. It's your head popping out of your ass. Friends, if you see a guy doing this dirty deed please stop him. Tell him he will be able to sell the car and buy some black knee high socks and sandals plus those huge sunglasses old people seem to treasure. Geeeesh

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